Brand Feature – Sasha Dolls

Sasha Dolls

Sasha dolls were created by the talented Swiss artist Sasha Morgenthaler in the early 1940’s. By initially modelling a basic form of the human body, Morgenthaler was then able to fashion likenesses of children from different backgrounds and ethnic origins.

The original studio dolls were, however, very labour intensive to make and expensive to buy, and Morgenthaler wished for her dolls to be accessible to a much wider audience. Her ambition was finally realised when two companies, Götz in Germany and Frido in England, undertook the task of producing an affordable doll that would retain the integrity of Morgenthaler’s handmade ‘originals’.

As the studio dolls were not designed with manufacturing processes in mind, Morgenthaler was personally involved with the factories in the development of doll-making techniques to cope with the intricacies of production. Anomalies included each doll being asymmetric, in much the same way that human beings are, an intentional design quirk by Morgenthaler to make them appear more lifelike. In addition to this, every doll had to be hand finished, their eyes and mouth painted by hand,their hair cut into a simple shape with even the shoes they wore being shaped by hand over a last made from the Sasha foot to ensure a perfect fit.

The artistry and design aesthetic of Sasha dolls appeals to both adults as well as children and,together with the clothing and accessories, the dolls are now rare and unique collectors’ items.

Sasha dolls are available in-store only with prices ranging from £175 to £285.

Sasha doll clothing accessories from £15 to £49.

“Sasha Dolls Through The Years”, a collector’s book, signed by the author Dorisanne Osborn, £39.