Garbstore – Staff pick of the week.

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Taro has scrutinised our stock for his favourites and pulled out the following……

Heinrich T-shirt by Schiesser
Most Tees I see around today are adorned with prints or come in a melee of different colours. But The Heinrich Tee is straightforward and simple. It comes in just two colours (black and white) and the cut is made to fit the body perfectly. They feel more intimate, the way undergarments were once meant to feel before people started wearing T-shirts as outerwear, (remember James Dean in Rebel without a Cause?). This is underwear that actually feels like underwear. It feels pretty good dressing in a more classic way and the pearl buttons are a nice final touch.

United States Civilian Service’s 30s Jacket
I just got this jacket myself. I love the cut of this and having four pockets is ideal for anyone who needs a jacket for function and not just for how it looks. Still, it’s the colour that plays a major role in why I love this dyed black but with a tinge of green/blue in it, it’s a black with a little more character. And as the garments are all dyed after being made, rather than the fabric being dyed beforehand, each jacket takes the dye a little differently and each stands apart from the last.

One Pocket Shirt by Mountain Research
I am a major fan of everything General Research releases, be it the Hunting Jacket Research, Mountain Research, Prisoner Suit Research or any of his other projects. To me, he truly is looking at older garments and older details and breathing life back into them. The map pocket (a pocket originally used for travellers maps) you see on this shirt here-has been around forever and is such a useful pocket to have and yet I never knew it existed until I saw it on one of his garments. One detail like that on a shirt is enough to keep me happy.