Garbstore Denim


Our resident denim expert, Jackie, has been picking through some Garbstore jeans and lent a few words of wisdom for the discerning denim enthusiasts amongst you.

What I like about Garbstore denim are the excellent fabric used and the playful yet subtle details on them. Garbstore only selected the paramount quality of Japanese denim. The core fabric is a 14 oz selvedge, which is produced in one of the biggest denim mill in Okayama, Japan. This denim has a very rich indigo shade, so more you wear, more beautiful they are over time.

If you prefer a light weight denim, they also offer a premium 11oz broken twill with red selvedge and the great blue shade. Garbstore designs always take references from the past but with it own modern twists. This feature can be found from their jeans as well. For example, each jeans is attached a branded safety pin which is a mini version of the big laundry safety pins that people used in the old days. They are very cool ornaments for pants indeed!

Another characteristic is the shirt gripper vintage banding tape inside waistbands of the jeans. You might see these tapes on some vintage trousers before, but you hardly find it on jeans in present. Garbstore yet matches this interesting detail into its denim line. The result is riveting. For me, the most important thing for jeans is the fit. If you have a pair of jeans with great fit, you will be happy to wear it every single day.

There are three types of fit in Garbstore denim line. They are Revis L-type, Reeve type III and Revis W-type. Revis L-type is straight cut jeans with slightly taper legs. This is the best-seller fit among all cuts. Reeve type III is a fit with a bit roomy thigh and tapered towards the ankle bone. If you like low waist baggy jeans, this is the one you will love. For Revis W-type, it is a relaxed fit with its loose leg opening. They are designed for those who always fancy wide cut jeans. Last but not the least, there are wide ranges of washings available in their denim line with different treatments, which are all washed and brushed individually by experienced craftsmen. You cannot find the exactly same jeans from the line, as they all have their own characters. That is also the beauty of them!