Always an excitement at the store when anything arrives from …….RESEARCH, more commonly known as Mountain Research…

Being the only stockist outside of Asia, it’s an honour to see these garments in real life…

Our main Mountain Research corner in the store.

The “Pajama Shirt” is one of our favourites, first of all the fabric is extremely light-weight and is perfect for the upcoming seasons, another detail we’re keen on is the way the fabric is dyed, the indigo beautifully bleeds slightly onto the ecru colour of the fabric.

We had the long sock version of these last season and they were definitely not all about the amazing packaging! The middle white band going across is woven tighter than the rest of the sock to increase comfortability. (The vacuum packaging is always cool!)

We have more pieces from the collection including t-shirts, trousers and blankets, so come and have a look!