East meets West…


Two brands driven by Japanese designers, based in the U.S.A.
Batten Sportswear and Post O’Alls…

First off Batten Sportswear, established in 2011 by Shinya Hasegawa (previously worked with Daiki Suzuki of Engineered Garments for Woolrich Woolen Mills.) Batten’s garments are inspired from 70s & 80s sportswear crossed over with everyday “city-life” wear.

The “Five-pocket island shirt” is one of our favourites, taking details from the 4-pocket Cuban shirt and the shape of the Hawaiian shirt. The “Overhang shorts” are definitely a staple for this Summer, whether you are going swimming in the sun or eating lunch with friends, these shorts are versatile so you wouldn’t need to keep changing clothes! From afar they may just look like surf shorts, however they are accompanied with zipper pockets; so no losing keys or wallets!

On to the next one!
Post O’Alls (pronounced Post Overalls) have been in the industry for a longer period of time, but are still relevant as ever! Takeshi Ohfuchi, the designer, renown for his high respect towards vintage workwear and so Post O’Alls are famous for pioneering reproduced authentic American garments since 1993.

A classic, the “Cruzer Jacket” never fails to impress us with their attention to detail and level of quality. Coming through with traditional work-wear details like the utility pockets and a rear vent panel, also always sourcing interesting fabrics, as seen for the “Traveller Vest”

All products from both brands are manufactured with pride in the U.S.A.