With sustainability at the heart of Couverture, we aim to inspire change towards a better future for the planet,
which is why we are proud to house eco-conscious brands including UK-based STORY mfg. and Ssōne and
international labels Skall Studio, Correll Correll and Untitled Co.

STORY mfg.

Husband and wife duo Saeed and Katy Al-Rubeyi are the co-founders of sustainable British brand STORY mfg., a venture that has regularly taken the pair to India and Thailand to find handmade fabrics and traditional processes using natural dyes such as indigo, Madder, Babul bark and much more.

Story MFG was born out of a desire for a more authentic, fulfilling and kind approach to fashion, the fine balance between aesthetic and sustainability. This manifesto is reflected in the journey from design to production, creating garments that not only limit harm but in some way can positively benefit the earth and the people who create them.

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Untitled Co.

Made in India, womenswear label Untitled Company Co. is a season-less brand that uses traditional manufacturing techniques, to create new and interesting fabric combinations that are not everything they seem to be. More than a retail brand, Untitled Company Co. also develops programs and production methods for external designers and companies.

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Skall Studio

Skall Studio was founded in 2014 by sisters Julie and Marie Skall, a duo who embrace a vegan lifestyle and conscious approach to design, to create effortless, elegant and feminine styles, where quality is never compromised.

The pair grew up in the countryside and learnt early on about recycling and to care for the environment, which is why the Danish label offers an alternative to rapidly changing trends, focusing on timeless design, natural materials, and working only with factories that are certified according to international standards.

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Correll Correll

Founded by twin sisters Daphne and Vera, Correll Correll creates luxury apparel that takes the traditional art forms of dying, knitting, weaving and crocheting. Bridging the contrasts between sustainable, high-quality fabrics and playful designs, the Brooklyn-based label are ones to watch.

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Rooted at the heart of Ssōne is a desire to create thoughtfully designed garments using rare textiles and traditional techniques. The London-based label source organic, recycled and natural materials, as well as engage with small community workers and support living wage producers. The result? A range of modern, functional pieces that last through the years.

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