RFW, formally Rhythm Footwear, is the Japanese sneaker line that focuses on simplistic canvas footwear with a clean, minimalistic aesthetic. Styles are dictated neither by fashion nor by sport, instead each season designer Takashi Kanokogi expands his line-up of basic sneaker shapes in quality materials and a deftly honed colour palette. Kanokogi spoke with Garbstore about his work and inspirations. WHAT MAKES TOKYO SPECIAL FOR YOU? AND DOES IT INFLUENCE RFW? Things from around the world intermix in Tokyo. If you live and work in the midst of that, your sensibility becomes sharper, you can differentiate better between what’s good and what’s bad. It is easier to find the creativity and originality needed for designing. YOU STUDIED AT LONDON CORDWAINER'€™S COLLEGE,€“ HOW DO YOU THINK YOUR TIME HERE HAS AFFECTED RFW? I lived in London for two years and learned how to craft shoes at Cordwainer College. It was a very stimulating environment, and I enjoyed my time there, the people I met there still influence me today. WHAT WAS THE FIRST THING YOU EVER DESIGNED? The first thing I designed at school were a pair of sandals for my grandma, but they were too small so she didn’t wear them. WHERE DID YOUR DRAW INSPIRATION FROM FOR THE RFW AW14 COLLECTION? DO YOU HAVE A FAVOURITE PIECE? Our seasons don'€™t revolve around themes. The Sandwich is our RFW masterpiece, the layered pieces are influenced from armour. TELL US A BIT MORE ABOUT THE TECHNIQUES YOU HAVE USED FOR CRAFTING THE SHOES I try and create shoes that are as simple and original as possible. WHAT'S THE BEST THING ABOUT DESIGNING YOUR OWN LABEL? You can make what you want when you want. WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO AT THE MOMENT? John Frusciante, TEMPLES, Pharoah Sanders
September 15, 2016
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