Launching today, the Garbstore mainline returns with a collection for AW19 which sees new and old designs reworked to incorporate a new design vision.

For AW19, emphasis has been placed on using Japanese fabrics for the main bulk of pieces –specifically sourced for their advanced technical quality. The central piece from the new collection is the Goose Down Hunter Jacket, composed entirely from Japanese fabrics both on the outer shell and inner lining. Inspired by vintage wool jacket designs, the jacket marries old and new by incorporating technical design into vintage aesthetic. The lining of the Goose Down Jacket has been specially constructed from a Japanese ripstop nylon, specifically designed to contain the goose down and eliminate the problem of feather shedding and poking. The key piece has been made in three colour and fabric variations, including a brown tweed and melton weave, exclusive only to our own website and store, and a rich, naturally dyed indigo which has been woven to a soft corduroy texture.

We also see the incorporation of Japanese fabrics in our seasonal pieces, such as the classic Garbstore Map Shirt. While retaining the same original design of a traveller’s overshirt which has made the Map Shirt so popular season to season, our new collection Map Shirt is now available in a red speckle design. The speckled pattern has been achieved through a composition of recycled Japanese wool fibres, combining trusted, intricate Japanese fabric composition with a shift towards sustainable manufacturing.

While effort has been invested into the intricacy of our new pieces, we haven’t forgotten about beloved old favourites. Several Garbstore classics return once again for the new collection, with only a few tweaks and seasonal updates. One example is our bestselling Work Jacket, reintroduced to the new collection with a season appropriate composition of a soft wool blend, ideal for wearing as an over layer as the temperatures begin to drop. Another example is the Ruffel Trouser, also returning for another season and available in a variety of colours and compositions, with one style revised to include added suedette inseam patches for styling variation.

Combining vintage designs with new visions, a testimony true to Garbstore’s creative process, we bring you the AW19 collection. Shop the new Garbstore range on our website now.