Based on the idea that different colours, when applied to our body and our environment, can bring senses of harmony and wellbeing, Chromotherapy is the colourful wellness movement designed to boost your mood through your surroundings. Since we all find ourselves in our homes for significantly more time recently, we have made sure that our collection of homewares brightens up your space.

Green is known to be universally healing and restores harmony and balance in the body whilst also relieving muscle pain and calming the nervous system. We have many different tones of green pieces here at Couverture, including the Large Plants Plate from Rhea Kalo, with its nature inspired design. Or perhaps bring the outside, inside with the Bird Vase by Germany-born artist Miyu Kurihara

Orange hues and earth tones are warm colours and extremely soothing to senses. They invigorate the body and mind as well as giving an overall sense of safety. With that in mind, we think the Piu Candle Set by Ann Vincent will be a welcome addition to any home, with its sculptural designs and mellow hues.

The colour blue is an anti-anxiety that helps bring mental relaxation, supports creativity, and helps with communication. We have a range of different blues to make your home a place of tranquility, from the Step Vase by Normann Copenhagen to the Aida Dirse Bowl - nothing quite like eating your favourite meal in peace.