Chromotherapy is the colourful wellness movement designed to boost your mood through using colour within your surroundings. Whether it’s a stimulating orange or calming purple, discover our Couverture guide on how to incorporate and apply your desired shade within your home.

Chromotherapy In the Home- Red


Red is a stimulating and energising colour meant to empower, uplift and motivate. Red hues are a symbol of strength and can help overcome tiredness. However, when you feel your energy start to dip for the day, what better way to settle down than with the Dusk Quilt by Sideline. With sustainability at the forefront of the brand’s ethos, this piece is patchworked together using the excess pieces of fabrics to create a checkerboard design in warm hues.

Chromotherapy In the Home- Purple


In contrast to red, we have purple, a colour often used in meditation practices because of its soothing energy. Add some calm to the kitchen with Hal Haines’ Night Garden Virginia Platter, exclusive to Couverture. With an interest in visual storytelling, Hal has captured the stillness of an allotment at night using hues of blue, purple and black watercolours.

Or take time to relax in the Tile Multi Quilt by New York’s Thompson Street Studio. Blending art deco realism with creative enthusiasm inspired by classic American quilt squares, this handmade piece is crafted from 200 intricate pieces infused with tones of lavender and violet.

Chromotherapy In the Home- Orange


Orange is a playful colour that exudes warmth, much like the Double Cone Candle Set by Bzzwax & Co., made from biodegradable and carbon-neutral ingredients with a honey and floral scent.

Add some positive energy to your living room by adding a few pieces from Projektityyny, including the apricot toned Leinikki Gingham Round Cushion and the Wes Gingham Frill Cushion, made using age-old hand-quilting techniques.

Whatever energy you want to add to your home, we have a curated collection of homewares in all shades.