Shot by photographer Sirui Ma, Garbstore’s new mid-season editorial showcases creative collective Bone Soda in activities that have helped keep them in a positive headspace throughout 2020. The imagery captures Skinny Macho, Tommy Gold and Angela Steps in a series of exercises and therapies including acupuncture, cupping, yoga, fishing, sensory flotation tanks and camping. The campaign spotlights Garbstore’s rich selection of Japanese brands including key labels such as Kapital, Noma t.d. and Needles as well as their European and American offering of Brain Dead, Engineered Garments, New Balance, Affix, Story MFG and more.

Skinny took some time out to answers some questions to accompany the editorial, check them out below.

Bone Soda's ‘Isolation Therapy’ playlist, can be found HERE.

Bone Soda x Garbstore | Couverture & The Garbstore

Q&A With Skinny Macho

Garbstore: How did Bone Soda start?
Skinny Macho: It started as an irregular weekday party at Jaguar Shoes and from there, we had the idea of it evolving into a label whilst in South Africa (shoutout DJ Lag).

GS: You’ve released Slowthai and Bekah CC under the Bone Soda label – how do you find artists to work with?
SM: Without sounding like a twat - it's just organic! You come across something that just resonates with y(our) gut and you investigate further…then the rest follows.

GS: What projects do you like working on outside music?
SM: There's many, but as of recent, I have been exploring my audiophile taste buds by building hi-fi speakers under the guidance of Devon Turnbull.

GS: What are your creative influences outside of music?
SM: Everyday life.

GS: In what ways does London influence Bone Soda?
SM: Despite its fickle weather and the cost of living - London is the best city in the world lol. We just got it and some of us don't even know how lucky we got it until you leave the city. London keeps you on our toes, so many amazing things happening around us that gives us/me the fuel to do/be better. Keep them endorphins rushing - legal highs.

GS: What do you like about Garbstore?
SM: You guys have a good knack on keeping an eye out for new, interesting and unheard of brands, you support them and are early adopters. Well there's that and the fact it's hidden in some lair, which is cool.. and a good excuse to get up to Notting Hill and them sides and see my peoples once in a few blue moons.

Bone Soda x Garbstore | Couverture & The Garbstore

Bone Soda X Sirui Ma | Couverture & The Garbstore

GS: Out of all the brands we stock in-store here at Garbstore, which is your favourite and why?
SM: Dime’s energy is great, I fuck with it. And Kapital too. Garbstore were onto it early as usual & it’s always nice to find something fresh before everyone else catches on.

GS: You & Robyn both worked at Garbstore, what influences did you take for your own style from working here?
SM: I don’t know, I was a sponge; working, learning and getting paid - my shirting options developed loads and I learnt more about denim. It helped me sharpen my tools when on the lookout for new and good shit. I remember chats with the gaffer (Ian) whilst peacocking his new footwear lol and talking about "leisure wear" amongst other things. A lot of little things.

GS: The recent Garbstore x Bone Soda editorial is named “Isolation Therapy” what do you do to keep in a positive headspace?
SM: Turning my en-suite into a sauna whilst drinking green tea and bunning a blunt.

GS: Your Bone Soda parties are renowned – how have you continued to engage with your community with the current restrictions?
SM: It's hard, not gonna lie. Digital is great, but the physical human interaction is what most of us thrive on and miss the most. So right now it's trial and error, keeping people engaged in whatever it is your doing - trying to enrich their lives online and include them as much as possible (when/if it makes sense).

GS: What's next for Bone Soda?
SM: Everything (;

Bone Soda x Garbstore | Couverture & The Garbstore