For the first time Reebok's patented Pump technology has been used to add function and comfort to a jacket primarily designed for our daily commute no matter what the mode of transport. The three layer bonded jacket is fully weather proof with external 3M markings and laser cut vents for wearing comfort and safety. Each jacket is supplied with a single pump collar. The collar is fully removable and sits inside it’s own washable neoprene case. The unit has 2 functions, to support the neck or support the lumbar region.

The pump unit locks into the jacket at neck position. It can be inflated or topped up using a supplied hand pump or using the integral pump button on the unit. The hand pump simply locks onto the release valve for express inflation.

For Lumbar support the pump unit is slotted into a form fitting mesh pouch inside the jacket and inflated using the integral pump button.

The jacket also functions as an all weather three layer shell jacket without the pump unit installed.

Also available the Pump Back, a 32.4L capacity back pack featuring a pump bladders in the main shoulder straps enabling comfort though air chamber when weight is increased in the back pack. EVA foam back and adjustable straps with tension locks for unmatched carrying comfort. Featuring hidden pockets and tension straps, made form Cordura Nylon and suede. 3M dot markings for Safety.

The Pump Firy PP sneakers are made from Premium suedes and colour matching the Pump back pack the bladder design states the original patent info of the pump unit technology and mirrors the form fitting channel design of the unit used on the Jacket. 3M printing around the inner edges of the pump bladder for safety.