Shop Best Made Company 36 White Street, New York, NY, 10012 This high-quality tools and camping store gets the vintage Scout aesthetic spot on. The store originally produced and sold axes, they even have an in-store axe counter, where you can get a custom-made wooden handle fitted to a blade of your choice. They have since expanded into all manner of survival goods, as well as clothing and home goods.


Eat Freemans 191 Chrystie Street, New York, NY 10002 We are obsessed with Freemans. If you haven' € ™t tried the Freemans Cocktail, do. The wood panelled interiors are laden with dripping candles and stag heads, giving a homely and cosy feel, while also reminding us a bit of Miss Havisham. One of our favourite dishes is surprisingly, the brussel sprouts, we also highly recommend their Devil's on Horsebacks (dates and goat's cheese wrapped in bacon)


Visit Washington Square Park Washington Square Park, New York, NY One of the most famous of the city's public parks with its much-filmed arch and fountains, this haven in the bustling city really comes to life in the summer. It's a little spot where everyone comes to do everything. We witnessed some high fashion dudes conversing with nuns, hippie buskers competing with a Christian choir group for the attention of passersby and a weightlifter using a metal barrier instead of dumbbells. Join locals and tourists around the fountains and while away a very entertaining hour or two people watching.