They say home is where the heart is, and it’s also where we all currently find ourselves residing for most of our time, so why not make your time spent indoors as comfortable as possible with a few Christina Lundsteen pieces.

Lundsteen started with a background in the Danish fashion industry, but in 2006, she decided to turn her love for craftsmanship and traditional techniques to homeware.

Every cushion designed is handmade in Denmark, with all fabrics sourced in Europe in a range of colors and patterns to create a happy environment for you and your family. With sustainability in mind, every cushion has an animal friendly and anti-bacterial down filling. To make sure each piece is perfect, Christina finishes every cushion herself by hand.

Today Christina Lundsteen offers over a 100 different styles in an assortment of colors and bespoke velvet tapestries, from the Lucy Cushion, with its warm, burnt orange hues to the chocolatey Cake Cushion, in a duo of brown tones.