With designs that look like they're straight from a dream cottage, Projektityyny has peeked our interest as a one-to-watch homeware brand. We take a look at founder Nora Nilsson’s story and how she went from buyer to cushion connoisseur.

After posting an experimental design on her instagram and receiving a flood of positive feedback, Nora made the decision to go down the route of home furnishings. After a few years of perfecting patterns and techniques, Projektityyny was born, with the name being a nod to Nora’s Finnish heritage (the name translates to ‘project cushion’).

As a full-time fashion buyer and a parent, the brand became an evening enterprise, but her experience in buying meant that she could work closely with designers and textiles, and learn about the potential of woven cloth and what can be achieved.

Her work also involved frequent trips to the Far East and India, which proved to be a turning point for her, giving Nora me the opportunity to see some amazing materials, techniques and the latest developments in fabric weaving.’ She discovered a passion for the aesthetic of Indian textiles in particular.

In 2017, a life changing decision had to be made - focus on her career in buying, or jump all in to Projektityyny. She went all in with the brand, and with that came a move from London to the West Dorset countryside.

With a workspace just five minutes drive from her house, Nora has the time and space to start designing, a process that starts with a scrapbook of initial ideas, inspired by nature, people, architecture.

Once designs have been picked, it’s time to explore colour palettes and material swatches. When a final idea is formed, Nora works with her maker in India to execute the final vision, which brings together simple Nordic patterns and Indian weaving techniques. A match made in heaven.