Timeless silhouettes and classic colour palettes are just a few things we love here at Couverture, which is why Skall Studio is a more than welcome addition to our roster of independent brands.

The Danish Label was founded in 2014 by sisters Julie and Marie Skall, a duo who embrace a vegan lifestyle, minimal use of animal products in their collections and a general sustainable and conscious approach to design and development, to create effortless and elegant styles.

Their SS21 collection combines their chic laid back approach to design with the art of simplicity and functionality that is inspired by their traditional Nordic heratige. Believing in ethical production methods and using sustainable materials such as linens, organic cottons, recycled wools and raw natural fibres, the pieces are designed to be wardrobe staples for many years to come.

We wanted to know more about this North Jutland rooted sister team, so we talked to them about their studio, their inspirations and sustainability.

Julie and Marie Skall | Skall Studio

Couverture: What inspired you to start Skall Studio?

“Back in 2014 when we launched Skall Studio we both longed for a sustainable alternative. We are both vegans, and nature means the world to us, so Skall Studio is definitely rooted in our own way of living.”

Couverture: Why sustainable fashion?

“Well, we believe it is the only right path to follow and we have been on that path from the very beginning. We believe in only using natural materials like organic cotton, linen and wool and our mission is to design clothes that will stay in your wardrobe for many years.”

Couverture: Where do you take inspiration from?

“We often go back in time for inspiration, whether it comes from iconic personalities, vintage tailoring or music. E.g., our AW21 collection has been created while listening to Leonard Cohen’s debut album Songs of Leonard Cohen from 1967.”

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