Function and aesthetic come eye-to-eye, as American timepiece brand Timex partners with London-based YMC, bringing us their 25th-anniversary collaboration.

The two teams have collaborated (once again), this time focusing on the iconic digital T80. Emulating utilitarian greens, the watch is crafted in an “Olive X-ray” shade, providing a subtle nod to YMC’s well-loved colour palettes in addition to the heritage of Timex’s original pieces made for the US military. The wrist piece celebrates the authentic boldness of the Timex silhouettes, whilst the balance of hue and transparency within the resin strap and case are complimented by the visibility of the watch’s inner working and face, promoting a sense of durability and honesty.

Ready-to-wear at all times, the collaboration maintains all the qualities you’d expect from a normal Timex watch; to name a few, this 25th-anniversary piece includes a stopwatch, a day and date display, 30 meters of water resistance, an INDIGLO® backlight and a secure, restful fit.

“Timex, the legendary watch company, has been adorning the wrists of people for nearly 170 years now and back in the 70s my very first timepiece as a young boy was their Mickey Mouse watch. However, we have turned our attention to their 80s classic LCD the Timex T80...the watch equivalent of synth-pop. This perfect example of future-retro design has been created in an X-ray military green which allows the wearer to peer inside and see the magic workings of a digital watch.” - Fraser Moss, Creative Director, YMC.