We caught up with Pierre Boiselle, founder and designer of RECEPTION.

Garbstore: Please tell us a little about yourself and what the concept was when you started the brand?
Pierre Boiselle: Our aim is to create a global community. Everything we do is to create memories, and to be able to share them with our community. It all comes down to sharing. People think we are about food, but it isn’t the main thing, it’s about socialising whether that’s a work dinner, dinner with your friends or dinner with your wife. Sharing a meal is something we all do. We don’t claim to be French in anything we do...of course, we ARE French but we are happiest when we are travelling. We are curious to know people from different areas, different cities.

GS: What are the main influences for the design of your latest collection?
PB: Our influences mainly come from skating. But also a lot from art and music.

GS: What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?
PB: Good question….I think the best piece of advice was “To always look around. Open your eyes.” Salomée Faeh, co-founder of Carhartt WIP told me that, we were walking around Pitti Uomo when I was still working at Edwin, and that’s when she told me, “Remember to open your eyes, and always look around”.

GS: Which is your favourite city to visit around the world and why?
PB: Tokyo - because I’m still so inspired by the city and Japanese culture in general. It’s hard to get a real insight. There’s a dedication to everything whether it’s food or anything else that isn’t found anywhere else.

GS: What do you love about London?
PB: Beers, pubs, English breakfast (!) and the many friends I have there. There’s a real multi-cultural community, it seems easier to live in than other cities, although I’m sure you have to work hard like in any other city, but it feels more open, I’ve always wanted to live in London…

GS: Looking forward, what is next in the pipeline we can get excited about with your brand?
PB: We are talking to a small label in Indonesia to make a capsule collection of prints based on Indonesian exotic cuisine. We also have an event coming up in my hometown of Lyon with Summer Up it’s about up-cycling product, handpicked second hand goods.