Brain Dead’s second drop for Summer focuses heavily on both physical and visual texture, with a range of T-shirts, sweatpants, and pyjama sets, crafted from soft fabrics and printed with mind-bending graphics. We spoke to co-founder, Kyle Ng to find out more about the brain behind Brain Dead.

Garbstore: Hi Kyle! Can you show us your workspace & What makes it special to you?

Kyle: I usually work in our Movie Theatre / restaurant! It’s so nice to be able to watch a film and sit at my laptop. It's kind of the ultimate childhood dream.

Garbstore: We see you’re a big fan of new hobbies, a man of many talents! Any you’ve picked up recently that have inspired your work?

Kyle: I have so many damn hobbies! I always incorporate my hobbies within my business. MAGIC: THE GATHERING, Climbing (Brain Dead x Evolv), Paintball (Brain Dead Paintball Jerseys). The more connected to your own life and loves the more authentic the brand will be!

Garbstore: Seems like you’ve got into climbing - any tips for beginners? Can you show us your kit?

Kyle: I love climbing. The best advice is to not be scared and just do it! Climbing is mind over body.


Garbstore: Where do you get your inspo? Can you tell us about some of the Kaiju / anime motifs on the Spring Summer Drop?

Kyle: I collected a lot of Sofubi Kaiju toys. I usually spend a lot of my time in Japan, and I miss it. I think Ed (my business partner) and I are just always making product inspired by Japanese pop culture.

Garbstore: Any recommendations for horror films or new music you’ve discovered?

Kyle: I love the musicians Arthur, Otto for their fun bedroom-pop sensibilities. I have also been really into Death Metal label MAGGOT STOMP.

Garbstore: Can you tell us more about Brain Dead Studios? How did it come about?

Kyle: During the pandemic, I worried a lot about the state of cultural institutions like punk venues, art-house movie theatres, and other places that have inspired me. I was scared thinking about the future if these places didn’t exist anymore. We ended up taking over the Fairfax movie theatre, a place I used to go to watch art-house and indie movies since I moved. We really wanted to make sure these cultural institutions will be around to inspire the future!

Garbstore: We know Brain Dead is a very collaborative project, how do you decide who you want to work with?

Kyle: It has to be something that inspires us. We want to work with people who we love and be able to create something that wouldn’t happen without two entities coming together.


Garbstore: What’s your dream collab?

Kyle: DYSON!

Garbstore: We’ve missed seeing you in New York, Paris & Tokyo…Where’s the first place you’ll visit once travel restrictions are lifted?

Kyle: JAPAN!!!!

Garbstore: Looking forward, what is next for Brain Dead? What can we expect to see in the coming seasons?

Kyle: New Brain Dead Studio Locations in Japan, China, Europe and Canada!

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