Exploring archives of both released and unreleased sneaker designs, Garbstore founder and designer Ian Paley and renowned British sportswear brand Reebok create the Kinetica line.

Following frequent collaborations – including a 2014 ‘Outside In’ project where sneaker composition was turned on its head by bringing the inner to the outer – this season sees a merging of the old to power the new.

The new collection stems from the concept of transferring energy, fusing a combination of old-school Reeboks from the brand’s archives to create a complex new style concept. With the exclusion of modern material choices and a fresh colour palette, the shoe is formed of all the most celebrated components of past Reebok designs. Unexpected features are drawn together to create a shoe that might not make immediate sense by sight but comes together through experience. ‘Sometimes the best things don’t fit at all, that’s what makes them stand out’, says Paley, confident that the wearer’s experience will speak for itself by way of explanation of the unique, amalgamated structure.

The Kinetica line is structured to simulate the storing of energy, with a key feature being the zig zag sole underscored by a hidden heat map inspired colour gradient. ‘The impression that the shoe is storing its energy within the sole, ready to propel you forward, coincides with the idea of using a hidden ‘heat map’ colour gradient of how kinetic energy flows and is released’.

Made with a breathable mesh upper and suede overlays, the Kinetica line is light and responsive, equipped with Zig energy bands in the sole for a spring back effect. This feature has been combined with the Floatride Fuel cushioning, creating a stimulated experience for the wearer: unhindered by discomfort, propelled by support. The skewed sole and interlocking technical components in lieu of clean-cut lines makes for an experience that is both energising by sight and by performance – a shoe that truly revives sneaker innovation.