A brand first gaining popularity through Instagram, Rejina Pyo’s latest collection exudes an inner growth, aptly coinciding with the fifth-year anniversary of her eponymous label.

With her label rapidly climbing to high-fashion status, now stocked in several luxury London retailers, Pyo’s AW19 collection represents an organic coming-of-age, contemplating the past, present and future visions of the brand and uniting them to reach a destination. The result lands on the concept of an ageless maturity, pieces made to bypass trends without being held back by “staple” status.

Moving away from photographable styles made for posing and posting, the AW19 collection sees a natural glide towards pieces with timeless, vintage-inspired detail uplifted by modern structures, both modern yet retro, vintage yet forward-thinking. A key piece highlighting this design epiphany is the Elise Dress. The dress is designed with a full pleated skirt and silk textured finish for detail that’s perennially elegant, while re-energized by the buttoned boat neck and sleeves for a customisation that is unabashedly modern. However, the dress isn’t the only collaboration of style which we see from the collection: the Kyoko Top draws together retro print florals and structured collars on casual jersey materials, plus a sculptural drape is added to mohair knits with the Collet Jumper.

In a design conclusion that that is curiously inclusive and somewhat suspended in time – one that appreciates vintage touches while incorporating the modern need for sophistication in refinement – Pyo’s new collection perfectly reflects the steady growth of her brand.

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