Inspired by England and made in England, Garbstore presents the second season of Drop Out Sports. The new collection is comprised of a sustainable line of rugby shirts, made wholly from organic cotton, which has been knitted and handmade in England. The Drop Out Sports label has particular pride of place here at Garbstore for its entirely homegrown quality. We are proud to be producing everything in the UK, with all our fabrics made from 100% organic cotton at a small British mill, knitted on repurposed vintage Camber machines. After many months of trials on these machines, we were finally able to achieve the authenticity and desired quality for our heavy-weight jersey, and with that the first Drop Out Sports rugby shirt was created.

The new line features several personal touches from our designers, such as hand-drawn illustrations and logo branded embroidery, as well as an alternative diagonal placket design found on several of the shirts. Additionally, our stripe design pieces have been composed using traditional rustic cut and sew construction methods.

Drop Out Sports is our 100% organic jersey range which, while only in its second season, has been many years in development. The aim has been to create a truly vintage, historically accurate rugby shirt, ensuring use of fabric with an authentic heavy-weight construction. This keen eye for detail and respect for tradition is what sets these shirts apart and has been key to recreating this turn of the century style.

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September 02, 2019
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