Mother's Day is just around the corner, and by now you already know which bouquet of flowers to delight her with. But what to put them in? Not to worry, as we have curated a collection of our favourite vases, along with other homely goods and jewellery to surprise your favourite lady with.


Whether her favourite flowers are tulips or chrysanthemums, choose the right vase to show them off in.

From Normann Copenhagen comes the deep ocean blue Step Vase, aptly named due to its step-by-step glass layering process, leaving the mark of this in the horizontal tiered lines throughout the design. This piece is as tall as it is wide, perfect for displaying long stem flowers.

Or maybe Louise Roe’s Balloon Vase 04 will be more up her street, with its hand-blown glass frame that is characterised by organic, dome-like shapes. Finished in a crisp, opal white, this piece is perfect for complementing highly pigmented flowers

Normann Copenhagen Step Vase Blue | Couverture & The Garbstore


Whether she prefers gold or silver, gift your mum with some charming pieces from Couverture. The Porcelain Cabochon Earrings by Spanish jewellery designer Helena Rohner are a pair crafted from colourful semi-precious cabochon stones which sit atop one another on a gold-plated brass mount.

Helena Rohner | Couverture & The Garbstore


If she loves to be one with nature, the Medium Candle Wildflower by London-based brand Earl of East, will be the way to go, with a bespoke blend of jasmine, gardenia and rose geranium that will transport her to her botanical garden.

Perhaps sweeter smells are her favourite, in which case we suggest the Rest Candle by Eym, which combines a blend camomile, sweet orange and lavender, all sustainably sourced.

Skin Care

Treat her to a home spa day with Danish label, Frama, a new brand to Couverture. Their Apothecary Body Wash is created from their signature, earth scent of ylang ylang, sandalwood and cedar wood and is filled with essential oils that leave her skin feeling hydrated and soft. Why not add the hand wash and lotion to the bundle - she’ll thank you for it.

Female-owned, London-based brand Neighbourhood Botanicals also offers a selection of vegan friendly oils, including the Face off Cleanser made using uplifting eucalyptus, lemon & bergamot oils to help you focus on breathing and slowing down, soothing the airways and freeing the mind.


Wrap her up in love and blankets this Mother’s Day, with woven pieces such as the Sakamoto Throw from Slowdown Studio, a design inspired by traditional Japanese emblems and graffiti, with its clean lines and dense colour pallet.

Projektityyny offers sweet and homely designs, including the Wes Patchwork Gingham Quilt, crafted from a soft linen and cotton blend and patterned in a warm mustard hue that has us dreaming of the sunny days and picnics to come.

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