Garbstore’s Guide To…Porter-Yoshida & Co.

Garbstore’s Guide To…Porter-Yoshida & Co.
Garbstore’s Guide To…Porter-Yoshida & Co.

Garbstore’s Guide To…Porter-Yoshida & Co.

With cult status adored by so many around the world, Tokyo's Porter-Yoshida & Co. have been making world-class bags, luggage and accessories since its humble beginnings back in 1935.

Attention to detail was key for founder Kichizo Yoshida, which is why all design and manufacturing was done in Japan, where every aspect of the production can be monitored with a close eye, and that remains to be the case to this day.

It would be difficult to walk the streets of Tokyo and not see a cluster of men styling a Porter bag on their shoulders, with the brand’s extensive variety of designs suited for everyone, whether that be the suit-obsessed city slicker or the underground cats in Shibuya.

At Garbstore we stock an extensive selection of products within the Porter Yoshida & Co. brand, ranging from the more exclusive lines such as the HOWL Mini Bag series and the colourful Snack Pack traveller’s collection to the popular TANKER and FORCE series.

Below we break down the different Porter bag lines to help you find the perfect accessory to carry your essentials.


Developed specially to help with the ease of packing & travel, the breathable mesh pouches from the SNACK PACK bag series come in various sizes, specific to each type of clothing you would pack. For example, a pile of tees, socks, or boxers, as well as a bag to keep your shirts as crease-free as possible.

Porter says: “If you pack your things in separate pouches by type, your suitcase becomes a closet. Choose your size according to your lifestyle and how many days you are travelling for”. The zip detail on the SNACK PACK series means you can open all pouches in one seamless action, like opening a packet of crisps.

TANKER Series Bags

Perhaps the most recognised series within the Porter bag collection, the TANKER styles are inspired by MA-1 military flight jackets. Normally issued in black nylon fabrics with their signature luminous orange linings and details, the first TANKER bag was produced in 1983 with the Helmet bag within the series, perhaps the most iconic bag of all their styles. TANKER’s original ‘Sage Green’ colour has been reintroduced to the line to select retailers only.


The military-inspired FORCE series was created by Porter Yoshida & Co. to celebrate and champion the slight colour differences that occur when dyeing fabric in different batches. For military clothing and bags, some items are occasionally created with parts that have colour irregularities.

Industrial-spec nylon is used with the FORCE range for extra strength and durability; this nylon is used for boats and not usually dyed. With very slight colour differences, darker shades of navy on the front two pockets compared to the body of the bag are used to create visual depth. With practically at the heart of the line, all FORCE styles come with a removable pocket that can be used as a separate pouch.