Introducing: Toasties

Introducing: Toasties

Introducing: Toasties

Now that temperatures are starting to drop, it’s time to start thinking about the best ways to stay warm over the next few months. One reliable Couverture favourite to help you out is Toasties, a French accessories brand founded in 2016 by Australian-born and Parisian-adopted designer Maria Lye.

With a strong love and respect for sheep, due to their presence in her childhood and Greek and Australian traditions, Maria’s mission is to simply waste as little sheepskin as possible by reusing the wasted material left out because of slight imperfections. Every Toasties design is carefully thought out, with each sheepskin selected one-by-one by its suppleness, density, and softness.

Only the best sheepskin is used and they come from three different types of sheep:


the most light-weighted, fluid and soft sheepskin on earth, just perfect for our small and practical accessories. We love the natural curly touch of this sheepskin that gives a unique look to our iconic products.
Australian sheepskin: the most durable of sheepskins.

Iceland sheepskin:

With its gorgeous curls and quite thick wool, Iceland sheepskin is actually the cool go-between Merinos and Australian sheepskins, with a smooth quality of leather. Its irregularities make it even more interesting and beautiful for our cosy sock slippers.

Bring some comfort and warmth to your wardrobe and choose your favourite hand-made pieces from our selection of ethical, practical and colourful accessories.