Isolation Insights: Q&A with Photographer E-Wax

Isolation Insights: Q&A with Photographer E-Wax
Isolation Insights: Q&A with Photographer E-Wax

Isolation Insights: Q&A with Photographer E-Wax

Garbstore: How did you get into the creative industry?
E-Wax: Well it was a pretty natural thing for me I think. Because my dad was a musician and my mum was working at a vintage store in Tokyo, they had great friends who are artists, musicians, fashion designers, graphic designers and photographers. So growing up I think I was already looking at and immersed in what they were doing. Also we had a lot of art and photography books in our house that I was always looking at. But the real moment came when I quit playing football at the age of 21. I suddenly had a lot of time and didn't know what to do with that time. So I started drawing "Shapes" and weird "Patterns" for a while and when I showed my work to my mum, she said to me "You should keep doing this" and that's when I decided to step into the art world. A few months later, after my mum's death, I moved to Tokyo. I broke my iPhone and all the data, memories with my mum and family just disappeared in 1 second...I was really shocked but that's when I switched to a film camera to start taking pictures.

GS: What are your personal highlights in your work / career so far?
EW: One highlight is when I met Takahiro Miyashita (TheSoloist) - he changed my life. He taught me everything, about art, fashion, Tokyo culture, literally everything. Another was when I first worked with my childhood friend Taro Ray from (AFFIX) it was a really special feeling for me. And lastly, when I joined CSC (Chinatown Soccer Club) it was the first time I felt my home was in New York after living here for a few years.

GS: How has your day-to-day work changed since lockdown?
EW: The biggest thing that changed for me is that now I can't go outside taking pictures.That was my daily routine and that's how I make my work. But luckily I'm still working on a collabs with some brands and magazines.

GS: How are things in New York with the lockdown at the moment?
EW: It's really crazy out here tons of people at the park, hanging out with their friends without masks, ignoring social distance...pretty disappointing.

GS: How are you maintaining a positive headspace throughout everything going on?
EW: I'm trying not to see people's social media feeds and all the news that pops up every second. I'm now more focused on what I think is right.

GS: Is there anything you’ve started during lockdown you would like to carry on once it is over?
EW: I started scanning all of my old Tokyo photos and New York photos and printing them with a Xerox printer and making my personal book.

GS: What's the first thing you'll do post-lockdown?
EW: I'm thinking of moving somewhere else, a different country. Maybe back to Japan, I don't know.

GS: What’s your favourite piece online at Garbstore?
EW: I really want the "Garbstore Engineers coat navy", "Garbstore 5-pocket Field Jacket." or the "Nanamica’s GORE-TEX Soutien Collar Coat" the thing that you want to wear every day.

GS: What’s next in the pipeline for you?
EW: I'm doing a collaboration (photo T-shirt) with TAKAHIROMIYASHITA TheSoloist which is always exciting for me. Can't wait to wear them.