Isolation Insights: Q&A with Junior Adesanya from Cremate

Isolation Insights: Q&A with Junior Adesanya from Cremate
Isolation Insights: Q&A with Junior Adesanya from Cremate
Isolation Insights: Q&A with Junior Adesanya from Cremate
Isolation Insights: Q&A with Junior Adesanya from Cremate
Isolation Insights: Q&A with Junior Adesanya from Cremate

Isolation Insights: Q&A with Junior Adesanya from Cremate

We spoke to Cremate founder Junior Adesanya to talk about his best spots in London, Animal Crossing and enjoying the slower pace life...

Garbstore: What was the concept behind Cremate when you first started the brand?
Junior Adesanya: I never really had a clear concept or path for Cremate in the beginning. It was birthed via my love of incense and scent as an extension. I had always burned a lot of incense and sort of arrived at a point where I was so invested in incense as a part of my everyday, I thought it would be cool to produce an incense just for me. I never intended to give it to anyone let alone sell it, but here we are! It’s interesting though because as I let it just evolve and do its own thing I noticed that the brand concept is me - It’s an amalgamation of all the things I’m interested in, all the things I respect and many of my idiosyncrasies.

I think that’s what intrigues people about the brand a lot; those who know me well respect it because they see the genuine expressions and ideals that I carry mirrored within it and for those that don’t know me at all but come across the brand appreciate it as they also recognise the humanity within it in some capacity.

GS: What is your inspiration for when you started to design the latest collection ?
JA: My background in the creative industry spans independent fashion brands and creative agencies. I feel like the common denominator between the two is the vibe of kinda just figuring it out along the way and I have definitely carried that through to Cremate. I think the worst thing you can do is force something in any capacity, but a gentle nudge every now and then is healthy.

GS: What do you love about London?
JA: I love that London has and always will be my home but at the same time you can never really know it inside out as it’s constantly reworking itself. Different areas for me resonate with different eras of the creative scene in London.

GS: Which are your favourite areas and spots in London?
JA: I’m South East London born and raised but have always seen east as a second home due to working here from around the age of 15 and having lived here for the last 2 years. Soho circa mid to late 00’s will always hold a place in my heart too. Like with what I stated in the previous answer about different areas resonating with different eras.

For me it was definitely the stage for the streetwear scene in London; Deal Real, Hideout, Bape, Upper Playground, Maharishi - the nostalgia is very real! Right now it’s East though. I love how you can walk to almost any other part of it, loads of good pubs - shout out to The Bricklayers Arms and The Well & Bucket. Ah, I have to give an honourable mention to Peckham and New Cross. Amersham Arms, The Montpelier and Peckham Springs were where some of the formative years were spent.

GS: What are the new big trends you’re seeing for next season?
JA: I’m vibing with the resurgence of tie dye and loud pants…

GS: Looking forward, what is next in the pipeline we can get excited about for Cremate?
JA: There’s loads of interesting things coming post lockdown involving lots of the Cremate community and hopefully during to give everyone a little boost, just ironing out some of the finer details and such.

GS: How are you adapting to now working from home?
JA: I haven’t had to make much of a drastic change in terms of how I work since the incense is produced in my house. The adapting has come more in the form of mentally - It’s been a big shift that has raised many questions, promoted confusion, and rattled anxieties.

GS: How are you maintaining a positive headspace throughout everything going on?
JA: I’ve been making sure I get some fresh air and chat to a friend or loved one daily. Exercise my creativity; not just in a work capacity but just because. Also practising mindfulness in some capacity to keep myself balanced and grounded and meditation. Oh and cleaning a lot. You would be surprised what keeping a well maintained space can do for your mind - And of course I stay burning Cremate to complete the curation of my space.

GS: What is your go-to outfit to work in around the house?
JA: Our Legacy oversized hoodie, gym shorts and Tevas - cosy boys 2020. If it’s sunny out, I sit in the garden, lose the hoodie and let my belly breathe.

GS: What are you listening to whilst working through the lockdown?
JA: Thundercat, Delroy Edwards, Panty Soakers 5 by Budgie, King Crimson, Barrington Levy, No Doubt, The Cardigans, Fanny; their album Fanny Hill is great. Alone, Omen 3 and Rock Bottom by King Krule have been on repeat, Dummy by Portishead, anything produced by the Neptunes of course and loads loads more.

GS: More time at home means more cooking - which recipes have you been trying out?
JA: Ah yes of course - I never was massive on cooking. I went veggie 7 months ago and ended up eating potatoes and cheese, or ordering out for the majority of those months due to my limited cooking repertoire. Having more time has meant I’ve been able to check out some really good veggie recipes and discover that I really do like cooking - it’s not too dissimilar from making scents really.

Mexican rice and couscous is banging but chunky vegetable pasta is the one right now - If you wanna give it a go, follow @crematelondon on insta, like the last post on our feed, tag 12 friends in the comments and share on your story for a chance to DM me to ask for the recipe(!)

GS: What tv / films have you been enjoying whilst at home?
JA: I’m one of those people who are infamous for watching the same five shows and films on repeat - I kind of like just having things on in the background whilst I work or play Animal Crossing. If anybody else has it and wants to visit my island, follow @crematelondon on insta, like the last post on our feed - Nah I kid !

Away from watching the same stuff, I started watching The Twilight Zone, many popular shows and films of the last five decades have referenced or remade the stories from it so it’s been cool to see where it all started. I have also been catching up on a list of films I had meant to see for a while such as; A Ghost Story, the original Suspiria, The Devil and Daniel Johnston, Honey Boy, The Color of Pomegranates and Ma Nuit Chez Maud.

GS: How have things changed in your local area since the lockdown came into place?
JA: It’s quiet, all very quiet. Kind of nice though feels like life is going at a much slower pace which I think it kinda needed to.