The Palorosa Project

The Palorosa Project
The Palorosa Project
The Palorosa Project
The Palorosa Project

The Palorosa Project

New to Couverture, The Palorosa Project is inspired by Guatemala City and the country's landscape. Founded in 2014 by Cecilia Pirani, architect and design consultant, the project evolved from a desire to rethink and repurpose utilitarian objects using innovative colours and shapes, working closely with local artisans to create their contemporary totes.

We caught up with the Palorosa team to find out more.

Who are the designers/the creative behind the brand?

Cecilia Pirani, is the Founder and Creative Director. The project started in Guatemala City in 2013, when she moved there. Cecilia is Landscape Architect, half Italian, half Guatemalan, from mother side, born and raised in Milan. She is involved with the design and production processes.

Tell me about the Palorosa Project?

The brand Palorosa was officially launched in the summer of 2014. Built around Cecilia’s background in architecture, seeking to merge her experience in the design world with her interest in artisan-made, with the idea to promote craft preservation and local manufacture. The company is based in both Milan and Guatemala City.

The name Palorosa derives from the Tabebuia Rosea, also called 'Palo de rosa', a tree native to Central America, characterised by a grey wooden rose. Its simplicity and sophistication embodies our sensibility for materials and colours. Each product is handwoven by local artisans in Guatemala, mostly women, originally from different parts of Guatemala, Western Highlands and around Guatemala City.

At the moment we focused on a specific product and process to get a high quality for the project and for our Clients. The most distinctive aspect of our design is the colour research and development. Each colour, almost everyone, is unique and specifically selected.

Why did you choose to be stock at Couverture? What attracted you?

The selection of each retailer and collaboration is very specific. It is big part of the project. I love to research new stores, new projects and collaborations. When we were contacted, I did some research and your label very attractive.

What would you say is the most iconic piece within the Couverture buy?

The Terracotta on medium size. The colour and the pattern are very representative of the beginning of Palorosa, of Guatemala and my passion for the earthy tones.

What’s your favourite thing about Couverture?

The colour research; The feeling of some displays with objects and textiles I could see through the images found in internet.

What was the inspiration behind the SS17 collection?

An image inspired by the nature, tropical and Mediterranean. Bright and subtle colours, earthy and delicate.

What would you say are the key pieces for this season? What should we be buying this season?

Some of the new green, the cactus one will be a timeless colour in all sizes. The pots too, they are planters actually. I think that it is still a product in progress, where the experimental handwoven process gives a special shape and feeling.

What do you feel are the benefits of selling in an independent boutique such as Couverture, as opposed to a department or standalone store?

The product tells a story, a design and artisanal process. It represents many things, cultural and aesthetically. It tells about colours and how we could work with them and how we tried to keep the essentiality and the functionality of the product. All this thought needs a special and interesting space to be.

What are your favourite spots in West London? (If you know any.)

I visited London just few times and the last one was 7 years ago, too much!