Brand Focus

Fil Melange

Since its inception in 2007, Japan’s Fil Melange has been dedicated to crafting premium quality essentials, employing natural materials and meticulous Japanese production methods to create a range of timeless basics that will age and evolve around their wearer.

As a brand with a great passion for craftsmanship embedded in its DNA, Garbstore is proud to be among the select few stockists of Fil Melange, and with its products appearing deceptively straight-forward we thought we’d take the time to break down exactly what makes them so special.

Home-Grown Expertise

As a nation renowned for the quality of its manufacturing across many industries, Japan’s dedication to maintaining top-level production standards is readily apparent, and nowhere more so than in the output of Fil Melange - which proudly keeps its entire production process in-house.

From the hand selection of cotton plants to the spinning of yarn in its Wakayama factory and the sewing of garments in its Fukushima factory; the brand confidently relies on the passion and expertise of its highly trained craftsmen through every step.

Couverture & The Garbstore

Fabric Finesse

Not many brands can say the pursuit of excellence has led them to the creation of their own specialized machinery, but for Fil Melange no corners could be cut in the development of its signature “New-Linda Cotton” fabric.

Utilising fabled Egyptian Giza cotton, the material is durable yet exceptionally soft, with a cashmere like texture, and is spun into garments on a custom machine developed by the brand in conjunction with a domestic knitting factory.

Couverture & The Garbstore

All Natural

Fil Melange’s commitment to the use of purely natural materials in its products yields positive results that are two-fold; primarily, with great care taken in the selection of these materials the brand guarantees that every aspect of products from fabrics and threads to size and care labels are biodegradable and friendly to the planet, whilst an additional benefit comes from such chemical-free materials being more comfortable and kinder on the skin.