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Translating into "today for me, tomorrow for you" from ancient Inca, AYNI is shining the spotlight on a new, responsible approach to knitwear.

A new concious brand hailing from Lima, Peru, Ayni founder's Adriana Cachay and Laerke Skyum were driven to create a label that represented their shared passion for craftsmenship and sense of stewardship towards the environment and local cultures.

This reciprocity based model is something that is seen throughout Ayni's value chain. Primary materials such as ultra-soft alpaca wool and pima cottons are sourced locally before being knitted by small workshops and artisan groups throughout Lima and the highlands of Peru.

For Autumn Winter 2022 Ayni new collection entitled 'YUMAY' taps into the notion of inter-generational knowledge, taking inspiration from the archaeological ruins of Moray in Peru, located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Consisting of a series of vast concentric circular platforms dug into the earth, the visible innovation combined with the site's noteable architecture, motifs and flora are explored through the collection's graphic patterns and embroidered detailing.

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