With Summer well and truly behind us and colder weather setting in, now’s the perfect time to prepare yourself and your wardrobe for Winter, so ready to suit your seasonal needs we have Toasties; a French accessories brand founded in 2016 by Australian-born and Parisian-adopted designer Maria Lye, and one of our trusted favourites here at Couverture.
With a strong love and respect for sheep due to their presence in her childhood as well as Australian cultural traditions, Maria’s mission is one rooted in sustainability, with her primary goal being to waste as little sheepskin as possible by reusing pieces that would otherwise be discarded due to their imperfections. Every design carrying the Toasties name is carefully thought out, with each sheepskin being hand selected one-by-one, chosen for its suppleness, softness and density. Toasties maintains a large focus on its selection of quality sheepskins, these each belonging to one of the following categories:


The most light-weight, fluid and soft sheepskin available, Merino is perfectly suited to some of the small and practical accessories we have available from Toasties. We love the natural curly touch of this sheepskin and the unique characteristics it lends to products.

Australian Sheepskin

More rugged, resistant and durable than other variations, Australian sheepskin is known for its typically higher wool density, great for providing warmth and full of natural texture and unique details. This makes it ideal for long-lasting home accessories.

Icelandic Sheepskin

With its luscious curls and moderately thick wool, Icelandic sheepskin fits perfectly between Merino and Australian sheepskin as a middle-ground option. With a smooth characteristic to its leather, the irregularities of Icelandic sheepskin create its intricate visual details and make it a great choice for Toasties cosy sock slippers.

Toasties place a strong emphasis on celebrating the beauty and uniqueness of this natural material, so bring some comfort and warmth to your wardrobe and choose your favourite hand-made pieces from our selection of ethical, practical and colourful accessories.