Know your Cordura from your cotton slub? High quality fabrics form a core starting point for Garbstore’s collections with our design team sourcing limited run fabrics from specialist Japanese and European mills. Discover a selection of our fabric highlights for Spring Summer 2022.

Circle Jacquard Weave

An eye-catching material used in this season’s collections, the natural cotton / linen mix uses twisted slub yarn woven in a jacquard polka-dot pattern to keep you cool in the summer months. We liked it so much we used it across five key styles for SS22.

Military Slub Cotton

Used across our signature Ruffle Pant and the new Sangas Jacket, the military slub fabric is a lightweight Japanese replica military material that was used in the Vietnam U.S war. 

Coolmax® Stripe

COOLMAX is known for its quick drying properties, making it a great option for the summer months. The fabric is made from a lightweight polyester yarn with a unique structure that transports moisture away from the skin to the surface of the fabric where it evaporates quickly. Easy to care for and wrinkle resistant, the fabric is perfect for daily wear.

Micro Waffle Corduroy

Originally used in the 80’s for climbing gear, micro waffle cord features in the Reversible Ranger Mac. The 100% cotton corduroy fabric has been made in Japan and features a natural délavage (faded / washed), produced by hand-drying the fabric in the sun to create a mottled, distressed effect.

Digi Camouflage Print

Much of Garbstore’s collections draw references from vintage military uniforms and this season's Ranger Mac in Green is no different. Using a Japanese reproduction fabric of Desert Night digital camo from the Gulf War, the 2 colours were used to evade detection from older generation night vision cameras and goggles.

Stripe Check Jacquard

Despite appearing like multiple cut and sewn pieces, this 100% cotton yarn dyed Jacquard Cotton is in fact knitted all in one. The jacquard pattern is woven both horizontally and vertically giving the shirt a subtle textured look, despite having a smooth soft hand feel.

Cotton Flax

The workwear-inspired Manager Jacket is crafted from a blend of flax and cotton. Flax is a less processed version of linen and natural fibre from the stem of a plant which creates a tactile and hard-wearing feel. The fabric is then sulphur dyed and washed to add an aged look 

Cotton Linen Blend

Used across this season’s new Expedition Shirt, this cotton/linen blend makes it ideal for warm weather with its high breathability.

For the Expedition Shirt here, the cotton warp goes in one direction and the linen weft, the other which pushes the linen to the top of the surface creating a textured effect.