When you think of silk, the first words that come to mind are luxury, sophistication, timelessness - now you can add Worme to the list, a London-based label founded by sisters Melissa and Hannah Collett in 2018.

Their design journey began in their teenage years, spending their youth living between London and the sun-soaked coastline of Cadaqués, Catalonia. The pair began combining the rich artistic legacy of the town with the 70s bohemian styles found in their mother’s wardrobe to create inspiring collections of luxury silk separates in striking silhouettes.

We spoke to the sibling duo to talk more on wardrobe philosophy, design processes & inspiration.

Couverture: How did Worme come about? Could you tell us more about the origins of the name?

M&H: The name pays homage to the silkworm, of course! The fabric that is the foundation of the brand.

Couverture: Where do you take inspiration from?

M&H: We take it from everywhere, books, art, films, travel and we will always refer back to vintage Halston, Tom ford the Gucci years, Helmet Newton, and the glamorous women of the 60s and 70s, Bianca Jagger, Jackie Kennedy, Elsa Perritte these women and references are timeless for a reason.

Couverture: What is your design process? Is there a particular routine you follow?

M&H: We always start with our colour palette first to create the mood for the collection - this season was heavily inspired by the variety of Frances Bacon's colour range, from his vivid use of orange and yellow to the subtle hues within each colour, his pinks, oranges and greens are a constant source of discovery and inspiration.

Couverture: Could you describe to us the ultimate “Worme” girl?

M&H: Women of all ages with great taste.

Couverture: We love the sophisticated, feminine aesthetic of Worme. If you had to describe your latest collection in a few words, what would they be?

M&H: Relaxed chic whilst still feeling sassy.

Couverture: What is your wardrobe philosophy?

M&H: Classic pieces that are effortless, seasonless and very well made, items you can wear year after year.

Couverture: If you had to pick one item from your recent collection, which would it be?

M&H: The cut-out maxi, it's the perfect mix of laid back but ready to party.

Couverture: For the aspiring designers out there, what advice would you give them to start their own brand?

M&H: Know your market and have a plan in place.

Couverture: Do you have any upcoming projects you can tell us about?

M&H: Yes, some very exciting interior collaborations are coming next year!