A classic French brand which is over one hundred years old, Paraboot has firmly established their roots in footwear. The classic Paraboot is chunky, has a double-stitched Norwegian welt construction, is leather lined and has a thick rubber sole for the ultimate durability. All shoes are produced in their factory in the Isere Valley, France. Interestingly, their name was chosen because the latex rubber is bought from the Brazilian port of Para, hence Para-boot. This iconic rubber sole became ubiquitous in the eighties, pioneering movements such as the Bon Chic, Bon Genre (good style, good class) movement in France. They’ve collaborated with popular brands such as Barbour, YMC, Beams and Aime Leon Dore to name but a few. Go to Paraboot for a shoe sturdy enough for hiking, but handsome enough for dinner parties. The Paraboot Michael and the Paraboot Reims are the reliable classics if you don’t know where to start.