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5 Cottagecore Homeware Brands to Discover this Autumn

At this point you’re likely to be familiar with the Cottagecore trend and its romantic depictions of pastoral living. Discover five brands who we think do it best.

With autumn and winter round the corner the aesthetic’s earthy tones and charmingly handmade flourishes feel like a perfect remedy to darker nights and harsher temperatures where all we want to do is wrap up warm, hunker down and get ready to hibernate. With that said, here are our top brand picks to help you live out your best cottagecore inspired life well into the season.

Projektityyni Textiles


Ditsy floral prints, lots of frills and a generous helping of patchwork encapsulate this Finnish brand’s comfy cosy aesthetic. Based out of a small barn in West DOrset, the label’s pieces are a modern interpretation of age old textile traditions, championing tactility and individuality.  We’re especially big fans of their handmade shaker inspired quilts which feel like a vintage find passed down the generations.

Couverture & The Garbstore

Sharland England

Sharland England was founded by fashion journalist Louise Roe as a celebration of all things nostalgic. Named after her great grandmother, the brand takes inspiration from grand English estates steeped in history, eccentricity and warmth. Keep an eye out for Sharland England’s humble yet delicately decorated ceramics - ideal either display pieces or as part of a functional tablescape at your next dinner.

Couverture & The Garbstore

Manufacture de Digoin

With nearly 150 years of expertise, this Burgundy based factory are experts of stoneware, making traditionally designed ceramics imbued with historic knowledge. Each vessel is made from materials sourced in France, shaped by hand and fired in high temperature furnaces for one off ceramics that will stand the test of time. The brand also specialises in traditional models remade in new contemporary colourways and textures for a pleasingly fresh take on the cottagecore trend.

Couverture & The Garbstore

Hopewood Baskets

A core feature of any woodland cottage, handmade basketry is a craft that still straddles tradition and modernity. Sarah Loughlin and Marcus Wootton of Hopewood Baskets are a studio based in Worcestershire creating a range of functional and decorative baskets from locally grown Somerset and Worcestshire willow. A true form of slow production, each vessel has been painstakingly made by hand taking cues from it’s material, from the shape of the baskets to the willow’s subtle variations in colour.

Lapuan Kankurit

Lapuan Kankurit

Now in it’s fourth generation of weavers, this Finnish textile label makes eco conscious textiles for the home from linens and wools featuring prints and patterns taken directly from the Nordic landscape and culture.. And as the brand rightfully mentions, only in the chilly climate of the north will you be able to design textiles that are this soft and warm!