Catching Up With BAINA Founder, Anna Fahey

Catching Up With BAINA Founder, Anna Fahey

Based in Melbourne, BAINA produces contemporary towels designed to uplift your bathroom spaces. We caught up with co-founder Anna Fahey to discuss the label’s origin, inspirations, and bathroom must-haves.

Hi Anna! Thanks for sitting down with us. To start, could you tell us a bit about your backgrounds and how you came to meet?

First and foremost we are two friends that met at high school in New Zealand, we have come and gone in each other's lives over the years but what always brings us together is a shared vision of what we wanted to do professionally, to create a company and work environment which allows us to design, build a team, and create products we could be proud of. 

… and when was the idea for BAINA realised?

We both regularly discussed what we no longer loved about working within the fashion industry and spent some years working for a beautifully made furniture manufacturer in Melbourne. It opened our minds to working outside of fashion, something that was equally brand lead and beautiful, but seasonless and inclusive. Towels were something we both felt we could passionately speak to, we both share a love of bathing and felt there was no towelling that spoke to our personal aesthetic. So BAINA was created.

Where do you draw inspiration from when designing each range?

We take inspiration from many avenues. We look at architecture, interior design, art and nature, always with a focus on colour theory.

Fashion plays a large part in our design process as this is our first language, it is what we are most familiar with. We have come to learn that even the smallest of details can evoke a certain feeling and spark an idea worth exploring. We also design in a way that works back to what already exists in the collection, as we launch new colours and designs you will see every towel has a place, and serves a different aesthetic, whilst still remaining distinctively BAINA.

Other than BAINA bath towels, of course, what are your bathroom essentials?

I love trialling new scents and oils, masques and exfoliators. Bathing is probably the one opportunity I get to reflect inward and take the time to care for myself. It isn’t always guaranteed to live in a home with a bath, but once you do, and you use it routinely it becomes something essential. When bathing, an ice-cold glass of water is key as it heightens the sensory experience, and of course a playlist that helps with the mood – I generally select something for the mood I crave rather than the mood I am in. BAINA has a variety of playlists curated by bathers around the world. I am particularly enjoying the No18 LAKE HOUSE.

At its heart, BAINA is all about self-care. What daily rituals do you follow in order to look after yourselves?

I think we all learned a lot about what keeps us balanced during the pandemic. I had my fair share of months locked down, which helped me realise that there is happiness in the small moments.

It's nothing ground-breaking, it’s the coffee machine I have in my kitchen that my husband and I stand around each morning while feeding my son breakfast, it's walking the dog, it's investing in friendships that bring joy, it's sleeping plenty, its yoga and meditation. Balance is underrated and an ever-moving target. 

...and lastly, what is the most extravagant bathroom luxury that’s actually worth it? 

I am currently rebuilding my home, which is a result of the recent flooding, however, it is allowing me to build my space to reflect how I want to use it.

My bathroom will be my sanctuary, and the one thing I want – and is probably quite extravagant, but a good in-built sound system, I think music is such a wonderful bathing companion, and one with clear crisp sound will really add to the experience.