Louise Roe, founder of Sharland England

Catching up with Louise Roe, Sharland England

We sat down with fashion editor-turned homeware curator Louise Roe to discuss everything from industry transitions to home styling tips.

Hi, Louise! Thanks for taking the time out to speak with us. To start, could you tell us a bit about your label Sharland England?

My pleasure! Sharland England is named after my great-Granny, who was a wonderful hostess who threw fabulous parties where she lived in Buenos Aires. I grew up around her antique rattan furniture and was inspired to begin designing beautiful pieces for the home, to cherish and make wonderful memories with. We specialise in rattan, linens and ceramics; everything is handcrafted by artisans around the world.

You’ve previously worked as a presenter and editor. How did you make the transition from fashion to homeware?

It was a natural transition as I entered a new phase in my life: we moved back to the English countryside after a decade in LA, restored an old Georgian farmhouse, and then in fact moved again into London, renovating a townhouse. I had always loved interior design, but it took over everything a few years ago!

Ceramic Plates and Bowls, Sharland England

Could you let us in on your process for home curation?

I'm not particularly strict on process, it's a little bit about when inspiration strikes. That would be looking at a photo in a magazine, or finding a piece of art in a junk shop, or discovering something hand-painted at a market on holiday. Often those moments spark a bigger idea, and then I'll go back and look at the room: where does the natural light fall, how might the space configure differently, which colours would work best on the walls? But I often start from just one object. 

Are they any memorable pieces you’ve found whilst sourcing abroad that, for any reason, couldn’t make it back?

Yes - I found the most incredible antique shop in southern Spain, full of early century rattan, and was very sad not to fit it into my suitcase!

Lastly, we know how much you love creating tablescapes. Which five pieces from Couverture would you arrange alongside Sharland England for a summer get together?

On the chairs, a few As'Art throw in beautiful brick red next to Sharland England's Crosby cushions in Hickory Brown. Some big printed Malaika pasta bowls alongside our terracotta Pintora bowls; the green Maomi cups, and then some green and yellow wild flowers inside the Sharland England Louise jug, which is handmade in Italy.