In 1970’s California, a subsect of mountaineers were pushing the boundaries of their sport, emphasising speed, agility and finesse to formulate a new style of climbing.

Dubbed ‘Stonemasters’, one of these climbers was Mike Graham, whose keen eye for design led him to address the needs of his peers for durable apparel that allowed flexibility and ease-of-movement.


A desire for the outdoors has been a core impetus of Gramicci. When Graham founded the label in 1982 , he was to offer outdoor-focused activewear with a basis in functionality.

Design elements were compiled from various sources to become core features of the products; this included a diamond-shaped gusset taken from Kung Fu uniforms to allow unencumbered mobility, while backpack straps inspired an integrated webbing belt which kept trousers secure and could be adjusted with only one hand.

From The Mountains To The Streets

Having firmly established itself as a go-to name in the sphere of outdoor activity brands, Gramicci has since found favour with a wider, more fashion focussed audience. Its hardy aesthetic, relaxed silhouettes and practical designs have seen it become a casual style staple, and collaborations with brands as diverse as Brain Dead, White Mountaineering and Taion have cemented its transition from the mountains to the streets.