Born from a collaboration of friendship, skating and humour, this very mix propelled Dime clothing from an almost accidental venture to reaching cult status amongst celebrities and skaters alike. Based in Montreal, Dime was originally the title given to a skate collective made up of lifelong friends Antoine Asselin, Phil Lavoie, Bob Lasalle, Hugo Balek, Charles Rivard, Eric Riedl and Alexis Lacroix. After experimenting with light-hearted video content based around their combined dry humour and abstract vision, the collective implemented their signature ‘why not’ attitude to try a turn at designing casual streetwear.

The collective began publishing online videos in 2009, documenting everything from casual skate sessions and serious tricks to daily goofing around. Happy to go with the flow and see where their latest venture took them, the group only had one aim in mind: to stay skating and to stay around skating. That’s why, for some of them, the hope of skating professionally was willingly placed on the back bench, so long as they could contribute to the skate scene through ulterior avenues.

Since 2011, the group has expanded to include more creative minds, including fashion designer and photographer Vincent Tsang as the Dime creative director. Despite making strategic decisions to safeguard the brand’s success, the crew take care to ensure that the label maintains the same tongue-in-cheek design style from which its popularity originated. The intention behind Dime is ‘not really a clothing brand or skate video brand. Everything [they] make is just for fun’, allowing for the creative freedom of each crew member to contribute whatever wacky, off-the-cuff idea they can come up with. This mindset is translated into most pieces from the new season collection, including a range of playful graphic t-shirts and animal print beanies, as well as new colourways for their most popular piece, the pre-shrunk cotton tee printed with the Dime brand moniker in wry copy of the Dior logo.

Dime clothing is designed by skaters for skaters, but most importantly it is designed by friends for themselves.

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