With its long days and cold weather, January can be a challenging month at the best of times. That’s why we have consulted a wellness expert and herbalist in Wilder Botanics’ Rachel Landon to discuss what we can all do to put ourselves first.

Couverture: For those who are unfamiliar, could you explain who you are and what you do?

Rachel: Hi I’m Rachel Landon, co-founder of Wilder Botanics which I started with my husband Charlie in 2019. I qualified as a naturopathic iridologist and herbalist in 2004 and slowly built a practice whilst having our four children.

Working with my clients during this time I realised they had a real desire to use herbs but also uncertainty around them, so we started Wilder Botanics to inspire people to familiarise themselves with the seasonal herbs that naturally grow around them, and to become more confident in integrating herbs into daily life as a preventative primarily.

Couverture: Especially after the year of uncertainty and multiple lockdowns we’ve had, the term ‘wellness’ is often overused and bandied about unknowingly. What does ‘wellness’ mean to you?

I feel wellness is when the mind, body and spirit are all functioning harmoniously.
Naturopathy encompasses the whole person. wholeness being another good word to describe wellness.

When seeing clients I’d look at their environment, diet, health history and daily habits and then recommend the changes needed with the hope of empowering them to take an active role in their healing journey and we feel Wilder is an extension of this practice.


C: You are a business owner, a wife, and a mother. What do you do to create time for yourself?

R: This is something I find really difficult. The yoga mat and in the bath are the only places in my home that I’m left alone and thankfully I love a bath. It's a good place to exhale, process the day and take in the healing benefits of herbs. The yoga mat I always have resistance to and then afterwards wonder what that was all about!

C: What was it that inspired you to become a naturopath herbalist

R: My mum was an inspiration on so many levels, she was a businesswoman, and had four children on her own, grew all our seasonal fruit & veg. She introduced me to the seasons through foraging, and our garden was where we connected. I also remember having an intuitive feeling as a child that there was more to healing than visiting my GP, and more out there that I wanted to connect with.

C: Especially in London, but all around the U.K, our lives have become so fast-paced and intense. Do you have any recommendations to help us 'slow down’?

R: I think taking 5 minutes at any time of day to sit alone and check in with how we’re feeling is a positive ritual, it allows a connection and chance to reset with the environment around us.

I often have to check in with myself if I’m rushing and feel overwhelmed and after a few minutes of breathing and reflection I can manage the situation or my reaction to it better.

Also cutting back on all the different forms of communication via our screens, being so available is exhausting, making those healthy boundaries about what and when we answer is important especially for the younger generation.


C: We know diet is a really important element to keep your mind and body healthy (especially in the colder months). What tips do you have to help our immune system beat the chill

R: In the winter months we use immune-supporting herbs daily, Echinacea and Calendula are our favourites. Herbs such as Nettle and Dandelion are important as they’re super nourishing and cleansing. They’re also supportive of our eliminative organs which can all get a little sluggish during this time.

I love Astragalus too, I add this to broths and soups to build up the immune system. It's especially good after a long illness. Tulsi helps beat the winter blues and is one of the organic herbs in our Heartfelt infusion.

Also, dry body brushing from the soles of the feet up to the heart before a cold shower every morning!

C: Which 6 items would you choose from our Wellness edit for your self-care routine?

I love the sound of Homework dandelion Soap. The Wax Atelier candles as we always have candles burning in this January light.

The Frama hand lotion as my hands is always in need of a good moisturiser. Couverture incense to uplift the spirit. And of course, I have to include some Wilder! Our Cleanse & Refresh infusion and Healing Spirit Bath Soak.