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This Season, Treat Your Feet to ROTOTO

Providing well-made wares with a personal touch, Japan's ROTOTO never fails in supplying top tier cosiness for your toes.

Japan’s predilection for specialised and often niche practices – whether in business, art, or food – is best summarised through the proverb, ‘For rice cakes, go to the rice-cake maker.’ Echoing a similar sentiment to the western phrase, ‘Jack of all trades, master of none,’ this saying speaks to the value of maintaining a specific area of speciality and dedicating one's focus to it completely.


With this in mind, a true appreciation can be gained for ROTOTO, the Japanese label which has dedicated itself almost completely to the production of socks. Viewing its products as ‘lifelong consumables’, the brand offers premium quality wares by combining traditional production techniques with a wealth of knowledge gained through practical experience in the industry.

Crafted in the Nara region of Japan, ROTOTO socks are made using the finest quality yarns, often utilising sustainable and organic materials. The brand’s reliance on vintage knitting machinery also requires a degree of human input not found with typical modern mass production, imbuing a stronger sense of craftsmanship into ROTOTO products. While the brand prioritises comfort above all else in the production of its socks, an array of vibrant prints, patterns, and dyes provide a vital dose of visual appeal and character, setting its offerings apart from others.


Despite utilising vintage machinery and traditional production techniques, technical properties are still offered through the use of sophisticated fabrics. Products, such as the ROTOTO Classic Crew Socks, utilise silk yarn to provide durability and natural stretch, whilst technologies such as Dralon and Ron Fresh enable high water absorbency and anti-microbial, odour-fighting properties.

By focusing its efforts exclusively within the realm of knitted accessories, the brand has come to boast the largest domestic production of socks within Japan – without compromising on quality – and now offers scarves and beanies.

The degree of pride ROTOTO takes in its work is exemplified through creations which blend craftsmanship, character, and quality in equal measure. Reflecting on the previously mentioned proverb, ‘For rice cakes, go to the rice-cake maker,’ it’s safe to say, for socks, go to ROTOTO.

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