The world is opening up again and with that comes excitement, but it can also be an overwhelming time, adjusting back to the norm. Take some time for yourself with just a few of our favourite products from British brands with sustainability at their core.

Wilder Botanics

Practicing as a herbalist and naturopath for the past thirteen years, family run business Wilder Botanics is all about incorporating the healing benefits of herbs into our daily lives, with products created from the finest organic wild crafted energetic ingredients, with no chemicals or preservatives - just pure natural products for your body.

Among the selection is the Relax Bath Soak, a nourishing and moisturising mixture of epsom salts, mineral-rich French green clay and ial oil.




Bzzwax & Co.

Founded this year by a Brazilian husband-and wife duo, Bzzwax & Co. is a London-based brand that prides itself on making candles with ingredients that come straight from mother nature, using locally sourced organic beeswax to help support apiaries and urban pollination to keep our city healthy.

Wind down to the scent of natural florals with a hint of honey with the Double Cone Candle Set, a sculptural pair made with a non-oil-based ingredient that carries hypo-allergenic properties, and are biodegradable and carbon-neutral.



Earl of East

Starting with a one-off market stall in 2014, London’s Earl of East has enjoyed a rapid growth over the last few years with their range of home fragrance and candles. Whether it is Japan, Copenhagen or the English countryside, each and every product draws inspiration cultivated from their travels around the world.





Inspired by traditional Chinese medicine, East London-based brand Homework is all about making sure that in a fast-paced world, we remember to look after our skin, creating handmade products using only natural, toxin free ingredients which are minimally packaged in eco-friendly materials.

The eye-catching French Pink Clay Soap is perfect for removing dead skin cells and improving elasticity, thanks to a floral blend of rose geranium, lavender and cardamom.




Neighbourhood Botanicals

Handmade in East London, skincare brand Neighbourhood Botanicals is a formula-led label that creates 100% natural products and ingredients. Using UK-only suppliers, NB aims to be as sustainable as possible and are working towards a zero-waste refill scheme to encourage customers to keep and repurpose their empty bottles.

From face oils and shampoos to lip balm and hand sanitiser, Neighbourhood Botanicals is the plastic-free and vegan-friendly beauty and wellness brand you need to know.