Dragon Diffusion was founded in 1985 by Belgium designer Craig Wright who wanted to create exquisite and skillfully crafted bags that tell a story. Specialising in woven leather, all bags are made in India, with the help of local artisans, using wicker and reed in varying, natural tones.
Each piece is made using historic techniques which stand the test of time, transposing methods from other fields to leather. The Brussels-based brand has taken structural inspiration from the South Pacific Islands and New Zealand Tribal Kit bags, the Japanese craft of Bamboo Basketry, and the refined Wicker Panniers & Baskets from France and the UK.

So why choose India? Since the 1960's, handwoven leather has become a speciality in the city of Chennai, India, due to the abundant supply of Goat leather along with the knowledge of hand-weaving in the Madras area by local artisans.

Dragon Diffusion cares about sustainability, from production to final products, using leather that can't be sold due to marks and scratches. These defects go unseen when the leather is cut into fine laces and interwoven to create unique bags.

Enjoy true leather craftsmanship from Dragon Diffusion with their range of woven bags and shop classic styles and an exclusive Couverture design below.