Denmark's HAY Brings Character To Your Surroundings & Embraces The Beauty Of Everyday Life

A collaborative venture between its co-founders – Mette and Rolf Hay – alongside a roster of upcoming designers, the brand brings together the subtlety and refinement of Scandinavian minimalism with the excitement of bold colours and patterns, resulting in a homeware range that's charming and aesthetically pleasing in equal measure.

Adaptable Styling

A unique blend of sophistication and playfulness makes HAY the ideal brand for introducing some colour into your home, whether in the form of decorative items, such as the Splash Vase, or more functional pieces, such as the Borosilicate Mug Set.

The brand’s considered approach to homeware creates pieces that can be styled in both reserved and vibrant settings.

Timeless Designs

HAY products often live at the intersection of old and new, conjuring a retro-tinged, '60s-leaning look, yet with a sleek and modern edge.

Injected into a wide range of goods, spanning from furniture and lighting to glassware and other interior accessories, this old-meets-new characteristic gives the designs a timeless quality, making them suitable for an array of everyday environments.

Whether you’re looking for something understated or a little quirkier, explore our range of HAY to find out which products will feel right at home with you.