Created in 1985 after designers Louise Olsen, Liane Rossler and Stephen Ormandy met at the New South Wales University of Art and Design two years previously, Dinosaur Designs has been creating innovative and beautiful painted resin homeware and objects d’art since 1990. The famed institution, based in Sydney, was previously known as both the City Art Institute and more recently, CoFA, and was instrumental in the boom in creativity radiating from the Australian city, as it became a melting pot of artists and creators from all over the country.

Initially, the brand began life in a market stall in the Paddington area of Sydney, selling fimo – or polymer clay – jewellery amongst the other artists, designers and craft-markers. The trio began exhibiting their creations as early as 1986, the same year they started the experiment with painted resin – a new yet intricate process that creates the effect of prehistoric material found buried deep within the earth.

Fast becoming one of Australia’s most celebrated creative exports, Dinosaur Designs expanded into homeware and Objects d’Art in 1990, exhibiting at furniture and art fairs across Asia and Europe, as well as exporting their new-found niche to some of the worlds’ most exclusive and desirable shopping destinations.

Feted and celebrated by international art and lifestyle publications as well as other artists and creators alike, shop our selection of Dinosaur Designs beautiful homeware pieces.