Cashmere, intricate details, and elegance are just a few things we love here at Couverture, which is why Himalayan Cashmere Company has been added to our roster of knitwear essentials.

The Himalayan Cashmere Company has been producing expertly hand-spun and stylish cashmere products since 1995, thanks to American-born textile designer and Creative Director, Susan Snyder.

The Nepalese brand have had a host of high profile clients throughout the years, from Calvin Klein Home and Polo Ralph Lauren, which in turn has helped spread the word about its reputation for perfecting the delicate craft of constructing ultra-soft cashmere. With a small team of skilled artisans working in the city of Kathmandu, the Himalayan Cashmere Company creates beauty out of local tradition, producing elegant and timeless pieces which are easy to wear and seamlessly integrated into any wardrobe.