Correll Correll is a new brand for us at Couverture & The Garbstore and to truly appreciate the love and craftsmanship that has gone into each piece, we had a chat with one half of the twin duo, Daphne Correll.

Could you tell us a little about Correll Correll?

We are twin sisters who share a love for textiles, shapes and colours. Our fashion collective Correll Correll focusses on experimenting and inventing new processes to make sustainably made textiles and garments. Our designs are the result of our lifelong shared play with circles, squares and triangles and the outcome of learning, researching, and reinterpreting traditional forms of craft. At the core of our sustainable business is the drive to redefine the relationship between maker, designer and wearer and our focus is to share a consciously made garment with a community of inquisitive wearers.

You’re twin sisters, how does that work on a day-to-day basis, what is the dynamic?

One of the best things about our collective is that we have been going through so much development and growth, I’d almost say our dynamic has been mainly shaped by us both being very dynamic and flexible people. We started out in Berlin Germany, then settled in New York, before Daphne moved to Mexico City and finally back to Berlin. We are constantly exchanging our thoughts and strategies for the business, we have an amazing collective design process, whereas we separate business-oriented tasks among us. Long story short - now living in different countries - we spend a lot of time together on the telephone bouncing back and forth new ideas.

How important is it to you that you work closely with local suppliers and production methods in New York where you are based?

Since one of our core ideas has been to learn about craft, it couldn’t be more rewarding to connect to local manufacturers. We constantly learn new things just by being in the factory and having the chance to talk to the seamstresses, cutters, dyers or pleaters directly. Their knowledge is key and together production can be laid out in a way more sustainable and practical way. New York has a fascinating manufacturing history, we make an effort that this sector is not leaving entirely to overseas but stays there, not just for oversight and jobs, but because ultimately it can be an easier way to get more environmentally responsible clothing made.

Correll Correll Coco Dress | Couverture & The Garbtore

How do you balance the contrast between being environmentally responsible in your production and catering for a competitive market?

Excellent question and for sure one of the biggest constant challenges. We approach sustainability from as many different angles as we can. Which allows us to make compromises in other areas. Through focusing on a classic line of designs for example we have the chance to refine our production process way more than if we had 50 new styles per season. We are able to do small runs of garments that are entirely made from recycled fiber. While other styles will use conventional fabric, which off cuts and leftovers are repurposed in future designs. We include everything into our practice and believe in a more systemic and holistic form of sustainability.

Throughout your collections, you use a lot of interesting textiles and materials in your collections, what is the favourite fabric you use?

We both love knits. From very fine knits for t-shirts to bulkier ones for scarves and sweaters. The structure and versatility are so fascinating. If it’s made from cotton or wool, machine made or hand-knit, it will always have that perfect organic unpredictable behaviour.

Geometric shapes and patterns of circles, squares and triangles are often found in your designs, why is this theme consistent throughout your collections?

We strive to design a timeless selection of garments. We like classic shapes, colours, contrasts, and silhouettes. Of course, it’s up for interpretation what classic is, but we are intrigued that most people would think of squares, circles and triangles. Contextualizing such familiar flat shapes for the three-dimensional body is a constant source of inspiration.

What is your favourite piece from the Couverture buy?

We are excited Couverture has a selection of our women’s as well as our t-shirt styles. We both love the lilac velvet sweater; the colour is so special. But mostly I’ve been waiting for us to reissue the Coco dress. It’s been my personal winter staple and I wear it all the time. It's effortless, comfortable and perfect for each and every occasion.