‘Our Hands’ Christmas Charity Auction at Garbstore.ten

23rd November – 17th December 2017

In celebration of the relationships built and nurtured over past decade, Garbstore have invited eight of their closest collaborators to customise 3D printed vintage glove moulds for an exclusive exhibition at Garbstore.ten. From TSPTR to Engineered Garments, the result is an eclectic installation from a diverse range of designers. Drawing from a range of inspirations; childhood heroes, brand archives and love, each hand is distinct and represents a key part of the brand’s unique DNA.

The ‘Hands’ will be unveiled at Garbstore.ten on 23rd November and auctioned off in store and online with proceeds going to Safe Passage. 

Safe Passage is a charity dedicated to giving child refugees a legal right to travel to a place of safety and security where they can build a new life. Conflict and persecution have forced 22 million people worldwide to leave their homes, leading to the largest refugee crisis in decades. Thousands have travelled to Europe to seek protection, often facing dangerous and traumatic journeys. Nearly half of those refugees are children who have often travelled unaccompanied having lost members along the way or forced to flee alone. Safe Passage’s successes have been recognised by several awards including the Liberty Human Rights Award 2016 and the European Parliament’s Citizen Award 2016.

For further information on Safe Passage, please see here

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