Launches FAQ & T&C's

As part of our efforts to increase the fairness of our launches we've partnered with EQL to ensure all submissions get a chance to buy limited edition products.

What are the steps required to enter a draw?

1. Go to an EQL powered draw form.

2. Create an EQL account.Provide shipping and payment details.

3. Verify your entry.

4. Submit.

5. Your entry is now registered in the draw.

Will I be charged for entering?

No. You are only charged if you are successfully selected at the close of the draw.

Will I be charged for winning a draw?

If you are successfully selected, you will be charged the retail price & postage and handling fee you agreed to when submitting your entry. The product will be shipped by the retailer to your specified shipping address.

How will I know if I've won?

You will be alerted via email and/or sms after the draw has closed.

Why do you need my credit card details when I enter?

Credit card details help us confirm that you are a real human. They also allow us to check if any fraudulent activity has occurred on the card. It’s a robust security measure that allows us to deliver a fair draw for everyone. Providing your credit details is one of many important steps that confirms your spot in the draw.

If I submit my entry and change my mind later, is there a chance to withdraw?

Yes. Head back to the launch page and you should see a red button that says 'Cancel my Entry' Click that and you will be withdrawn from the draw.

If I win the draw, can I change my mind and withdraw?

Verified entries are binding. Once an entry is confirmed, we will have an agreement for the entrant to purchase the product if they win (as per the terms and conditions). Once a win is allocated to a successful draw entrant the product is no longer available for other customers to buy.

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