5 Brands Doing Summer T-shirts Right

Although a staple year-round, T-shirts hold a special place in the summer collections for three reasons: versatility, ease of wear, and the fact they’re the perfect canvas for labels to present their most daring graphics and seasonal colour palettes.

We’ve selected styles from 5 brands at the forefront of T-shirt design, each with its own distinctive edge.


The initial drop of Stüssy’s summer offering doesn’t disappoint when it comes to T-shirts. Standout pieces include a reference to the label’s affinity for games of chance, as well as one of the hottest shades of the season – for when you’re feeling bold.


Hailing from sunny Perth, it’s no wonder Lo-Fi’s designs come from a place of positivity. Inspired by nature, exploration, and mental wellbeing, the label’s latest drop experiments with earthy base tones and pastel overlays.

Brain Dead

When it comes to creativity, Brain Dead entrusts its artists with free roam, which is how the label consistently churns out eclectic graphic offerings. A nod to the ‘70s, our favourite pieces feature raglan sleeves and ringer trims.


Dime keeps it classic for summer, staying true to its refined, slightly preppy formula. Nautical influences make way for playful graphics, and, of course, there’s a few well-known logo reworks for good measure.

One of These Days

Matt McCormick draws from both his lived experiences and tales of the Midwest as inspiration for One of These Days. The label’s latest collection presents a powerful offering of graphic prints – riffing off cowboy culture, teenage angst, and ‘70s stereotypes.